Automatic Gate Installation and Repair

Access Control Systems

Security Cameras

With over a decade of experience, our customers can expect quick service, responsive communication, and quality that sets us apart from other companies.


  • Automatic Gates

    We install, repair, and maintain all types of automatic vehicle gates. From simple electric driveway gates to complex hydraulic commercial gates, we are able to help you control traffic on your property.

  • Access Control

    Card readers, key fobs, remotes, high-security credentials... we install and repair the systems that keep your buildings secure. Whether you are concerned about non-residents using the pool, or if you have issues with intruders and vandalism, we can design a system that gives everybody peace of mind.

  • Security Cameras

    Our full HD, digital, networkable cameras are the perfect solution for keeping tabs on your property. With 24/7 recording, and the ability to view remotely from a tablet or smartphone, you can track what's going on no matter where you are.

  • Keep an eye on things while you're away

    Our full HD cameras can be remotely viewed on smart phones, tablets, and laptops... So whether you're in the office or on vacation miles away, you can keep tabs on your property.

    Maverick Gates Was Built to be Different

    "During my years of working for other gate companies, I never really felt like I was doing a service to any of our customers. The property managers we worked with were always under the gun because they had residents, or board members, or angry owners that were waiting on their gates to be fixed... and the standard response was always 'we'll get to it in the next few days.' There was no urgency or accountability.
    "So when we started Maverick Gates, we both realized that truly serving our customers was going to be the thing that sets us apart."
    -JR McLaws, Co-founder

  • Trained Technicians

    All of our employees are factory trained. That means whether we are installing a new system, upgrading an existing one, or repairing damage, you can trust us to get the job done right.

  • Fast Response Times

    We strive to provide the industry's quickest response time for service calls. That's because we understand the faster we respond, the better you look as a community manager.

  • Detailed Reports

    Our invoices and reports contain a detailed summary of work, and recommended items. That way you can provide answers to your community members / HOA board, and plan for future expenses.

  • Monitor who comes and goes

    We can work directly with the manufacturers to engineer a custom, dynamic access control system specific for your application.

    Options to help you stay on budget

    In addition to our regular services, we offer pre-paid plans so you can effectively budget for your equipment maintenance:

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    Custom, Dynamic Systems

    We can work directly with the manufacturers of access control devices to engineer a system specific for your application.

    From basic solutions to keep non-residents out of swimming pools, to complex and tiered systems that can be programmed with variable time restrictions and security credentials for residents, office staff, and maintenance personnel - We have the know-how to fit your needs.

    Couple your system with key fobs, cards, remotes, or a combination of devices, and you have the custom system you need to secure your property. | 480-447-4644


    Maverick Gates is the only gate and access control company designed from the ground up to serve our customers. We understand the industry, and we are the best at what we do.